Speech of Delight

Speech of Delight

Mipham's Commentary on Santaraksita's Ornament of the Middle Way
By Jamgon Mipham
Translated by Thomas Doctor
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ISBN: 9781559399586
The process of intelligent and open-minded inquiry can lead to complete liberation within the discovery of the natural state. In his Ornament of the Middle Way the great Indian master Santaraksita reveals how the path of reasoning can lead the mind to increasingly profound insight and experience. Ju Miphams's illustrious commentary highlights and explains the pithy reasoning of this classic treatise and unfolds the expansive view of the Great Vehicle in a clear, engaging, and compassionate way.
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"Simultaneously direct and profound, it displays the hallmarks of Mipham's accomplished authorship." —Savannah Jones, SirReadaLot.org

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