The Path to Peace

A Buddhist Guide to Cultivating Loving-Kindness

By Ayya Khema
Edited by Leigh Brasington

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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781645471950

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The Venerable Ayya Khema was beloved for her crystal-clear presentation, the extremely practical guidance she always gave, and the open-hearted quality of her teachings. In The Path to Peace, she presents a complete course in the active and intentional process to cultivate peace through metta, unconditional love. Peace is the sum of many parts, namely the fifteen wholesome qualities the Buddha himself noted in the Metta Sutta, including usefulness, mildness, humility, contentment, receptivity, and others. Ayya Khema expertly guides us through each individual condition, along with ten guided visualization meditation practices, using her trademark humor and personal narrative to help each reader shape their own path to self-transformation.

Running time: 3 hours, 37 minutes