The Power of Grace

Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on Our Path
By David Richo

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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 192
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781611801460

Perhaps you’ve had one of those moments when everything, quite unexpectedly, simply falls into place; or, when you’ve been puzzling over an impossible question and—pow!—the answer suddenly arises, seemingly out of nowhere. These and other such experiences are not caused by our efforts. They are moments of grace, the gift dimension of life. Grace is generally associated with religion, but, as Dave Richo shows, you don’t need to be religious to notice—and benefit from—this help from outside yourself that’s being offered to you in every moment. Dave provides teachings and helpful practices that show us how to open our eyes to the sources of grace everywhere and in everyone. When we open ourselves to grace, we begin to see it work wonders in our lives—and we become conduits of its power to others.

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"This is a good book—that is, filled with goodness, kindness, and wisdom. Deftly avoiding theological sand traps, David Richo shows us simply and practically how to increase our attunement to 'the gift dimension of life.'" —Cynthia Bourgeault, author of The Wisdom Jesus and The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

"David Richo shows us that grace is always available, especially when your life is falling apart. Regardless of your religious orientation, this book will guide you to experience grace in your day-to-day life in a way that will transform you." —Lodro Rinzler, author of The Buddha Walks into a Bar . . . and Walk Like a Buddha

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