Treasury Precious Instructions Videos

In 2016, the Tsadra Foundation sponsored a series of talks on the Treasury of Precious Instructions focusing on Kongtrul and the specifics of the Eight Chariots.  Translator and teacher Sarah Harding who has been immersed in this work for decades and has completed several volumes of this work leads it.  Also included are Elizabeth Callahan and Acharya Tenpa Gyaltsen.  You can listen or download the full series here.

treasury of precious instructions


In this talk, Sarah Harding, translator of several volumes of the Treasury, gives an overview of the Treasury and a peek into what is in store in subsequent videos in this series.  She discusses how the Jonang volume, the final one in the series, is in fact the keystone and inspiration for the entire collection.

Nyingma, Kadam, and Sakya Lamdre

In this talk, Sarah Harding translator of several volumes of the Treasury, discusses the Nyingma, Kadam, and Lamdre traditions which make up the first six volumes of the series.

The Marpa and Shangpa Kagyu

In this talk, Elizabeth Callahan and Sarah Harding present the six volumes based on instructions from the Shangpa and Marpa Kagyu traditions.

Zhije and Chöd

In this talk, Sarah Harding, discusses the volumes on Zhije (Pacification) and Chöd (Severance).

Kalachakra and Orgyen Nyendrup

In this talk,  Sarah Harding is joined by Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen to discuss the Kalachakra and Orgyen Nyendrup traditions as well as reflecting on Kongtrul's Treasury as a whole.

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