A New Way to Food

100 Recipes to Encourage a Healthy Relationship with Food, Nourish Your Beautiful Body, and Celebrate Real Wellness for Life
By Maggie Battista
 - Hardcover


Pages: 304
Size: 8 x 10
ISBN: 9781611806175
Discover a body-positive approach to food through nourishing recipes, heart-opening stories, and helpful lessons on creating a healthy relationship with food. Maggie Battista struggled with eating and dieting her whole life, until she discovered the foods and recipes that made her finally see herself as worthy of good health. In this kind and generous cookbook she shares the more than 100 mostly wholesome, mainly dairy-free, plant-based, and always refined sugar–free recipes that helped her find her way to good health, lose 70 pounds, and rid herself of years of chronic aches and pains. With stories that chronicle her struggles, victories, and lessons from finally reconciling her relationship with food; tips and advice on changing your own approach to food; and recipes for every time of day and occasion; A New Way to Food is the playbook for seeing yourself with kinder eyes and enjoying every meal along the way.
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"Maggie Battista’s A New Way to Food is more than a diverse collection of nutritious and beautiful recipes. It is an essential statement about empowerment through healthy self-care. With this cookbook/self-help hybrid, Maggie shows us more than a new way to food; she shows us the way to a better self." —Andie Mitchell, author of the New York Times bestselling memoir It Was Me All Along and Eating in the Middle

"A New Way to Food is filled with in-depth knowledge about realizing your beautiful authentic potential. Every woman who has struggled with their health should dive into these pages and prepare to be inspired by Maggie’s journey and personal experience. I cannot recommend this cookbook enough. It will truly shift your perspective about what being healthy and beautiful really means inside and out." —Amie Valpone, bestselling author of Eating Clean

"More than a cookbook, Maggie Battista’s A New Way to Food is a love story about her learning to accept herself and, along the way, inspiring us to evaluate our own relationships with ourselves and our bodies. If I could change one thing about it, it would be the ability to go back in time and give my younger self a copy." —Julia Turshen, author of Now & Again, Feed the Resistance, and Small Victories

"Maggie tells her story in such an honest and approachable way, and the plant-based plan she offers is both doable and delicious! This is the way I like to eat and she has so many great recipe ideas that I will be using." —Erin Gleeson, author of The Forest Feast

"We are taken by how Maggie, through health and weight struggles, has proven we are all capable of change. Her beautiful new book is a full take on how to create a positive relationship with food and we are certain it will inspire many on their own journeys." —David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, authors of Green Kitchen Stories

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