Boundless Leadership

The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, and Ignite Positive Change

By Joe Loizzo
By Elazar Aslan


Also available as an audiobook! Listen to a sample here.

- Hardcover
Shambhala Publications
Pages: 296
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781611809213

Gold Nautilus Book Award Winner

Boundless Leadership provides a complete and systematic roadmap to finding meaning in your work, unleashing your full potential, and inspiring your team with resilience, innovation, compassion, and confidence. Contemplative neuropsychiatrist Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, and executive advisor Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC, reveal a new science-based vision of leadership that introduces disciplines of mind, heart, and body to help leaders cultivate clarity, compassion, and fearlessness for themselves and throughout their organization.

Boundless Leadership offers real-world applications to bring ease to leading oneself and others and provides examples from the authors’ experiences with clients, including CEOs of multi-billion-dollar businesses and hyper-growth start-ups, entrepreneurs, managers, and nonprofit leaders trying to balance the complex challenges of work and life in our interdependent age. Each section includes a range of transformational methods grounded in current neuroscience and contemplative practice, as well as practical applications to clarify intentions and decisions, deepen accountability and collaboration, and embody positive impact and purpose. Boundless Leadership also addresses the trend toward remote work and provides advice and guidance to remain productive and joyful when your work environment is in flux.Whether you’re a CEO, manager, team leader, consultant, coach, social entrepreneur, or community activist, this book offers the tools you need to clarify your vision, lead others with grace and impact, and ignite positive change in the world—giving you a much-needed advantage in today’s fast-paced digital age.


Also available as an audiobook! Listen to a sample here.