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Make & Give Book Trailer

Make & Give: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day by Steph Hung and Erin Jang

With bold infographics, bright colors, and modern design, the thirty-five projects in this book are unique and inspiring. Covering a wide range of techniques, from simple prints and sewing to paper cutting and painting, both beginner and advanced crafters will find something to create. Whether it is a candy necklace for your child, a nickname handkerchief for your best friend, or a desk surprise for your coworker, these crafts are easy, fun, and meant to be shared with the people you love.




It is a good thing,
in the marketplace
the old woman trying to decide
among the lettuces,
impartial, weighing the heads,
the outer leaves, even
sniffing them to catch
a scent of earth
of which, on one head,
some trace remains—not
the substance but
the residue—so
she prefers it to
the other, more
estranged heads, it
being freshest: nodding
briskly at the vendor’s wife,
she makes this preference known,
an old woman, yet
vigorous in judgment.

Excerpted from Eat This Poem: A Literary Feast of Recipes Inspired by Poetry by Nicole Gulotta


Entertaining on the Fly by Ashley English

Ashley bio photo_credit Tim RobisonLast night, without much planning, my husband and I hosted eight adults and four children for a potluck dinner. Three other couples gathered at our home, each with a child in tow, and we collectively created an Indian food-themed meal of epic proportions. We made a huge mess in the kitchen (which we later all cleaned) while whipping up mango lassis, naan, tandooris, chutneys, kormas, paneers, and curries, listening to bhangra beats on a portable radio all the while. Each guest pitched in, and the sum being greater than its parts, we retired to the patio to feast and watch fireflies and listen to the children giggle and the conversation flow with ease.

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