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Lang Pelgyi Senge

Image of Pelgyi Senge

Lang Pelgyi Senge, from the Shechen Archives

Lang Pelgyi Senge, also known as Lhalung Pelgyi Senge, should not be confused with another Pelgyi Senge who was his contemporary.

There is a wonderful passage in Yeshe Tsogyal’s biography, Lady of the Lotus-Bornwhere Lang Pelgyi Senge is brought together with Yeshe Tsogyal:

‘‘The Guru paused, reflecting for a while, and then he said:

‘It is as though the long-life practice were the captain, and Kila the protective escort. For this reason, whatever work one does in the Secret Mantra, it is important first to practice Kila so as to dispel obstacles. Moreover, Kila is your yidam deity; consequently you may practice it. But whether you do Kila or the long-life practice, you have need of a companion. Go therefore to Uru in Tibet where there is a boy of fourteen years. His father’s name is Lhapel, his mother’s Chokroza. He is of the clan of Lang. Make him your companion in the practice and together you will accomplish the yidam.’


‘Following these instructions, I discovered the boy and returned to the Guru. The Master said:

This boy, a knowledge-holder of Kilaya,
Will attain the vajra-life.
He will not be defeated easily—
A hero, demon-taming, predicted by the deity,
Possessing the great strength and power of lions!
Let his name be Lhalung Pelgyi Senge,
Lion of Glory whom the Deity Foretold!

‘He then introduced the boy to the mandala of the Secret Mantra and brought him to maturity.’”

In The Dark Red Amulet, the Khenpo brothers relate how Guru Rinpoche offered the empowerments of the Eight Herukas, and where Lang Pelgyi Senge’s flower landed on the mandala.

His moment of liberation, related by Karma Chagme in Naked Awareness, came when Guru Rinpoche said to him “’Son of a good family, listen!  All phenomena are the mind-itself, and there is nothing that arises from anything else.  The mind has no inherent nature, so it is beyond expression and thought.  Rest lucidly in the unmodified state that is without distinctions of good and bad, acceptance and rejection, negation and affirmation, or outside and inside.

In that state the body and mind are blissful, and unborn, unceasing consciousness is experienced.  Those are the indications of the warmth of realization, so at that time you will have reached the liberation of the Buddha’.  Thus Lang Palgyi Sengge was also liberated”.

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