Tibetan Masters of the Eighth Century

The eighth century was an incredible flouring of the Dharma in Tibet with special thanks to Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, King Trisong Deutsen, and Shantarakshita.  The figures in this section includes some of Guru Rinpoche's famed 25 disciples.  The full list is as follows:

King Trisong Detsen, Namkhe Nyingpo, Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, Gyalwa Chogyang, Yeshe Tsogyal, Palgyi Yeshe, Langchen Palgyi Senge, Vairotsana, Nyak Jñānakumāra, Yudra Nyingpo, Nanam Dorje Dudjom, Yeshe Yang, Sogpo Lhapal, Nanam Zhang Yeshe De, Kharchen Palgyi Wangchuk, Denma Tsemen, Kawa Paltsek, Shupu Palgyi Senge, Gyalwe Lodrö, Drogben Khyeuchung Lotsawa, Odren Palgyi Wangchuk, Ma Rinchen Chok, Lhalung Palgyi Dorje, Langdro Könchok Jungne, Lasum Gyalwa Jangchub.

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Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava

8th century

The great master from India whose centrality to Tibetan Buddhism through his establishing Buddhism in Tibet and his legacy of teachings that continues to unfold cannot be overstated.


Yeshe Tsogyal

8th century

The great princess turned queen who, as a supreme disciple of Guru Rinpoche, was possibly the first person to achieve liberation in Tibet.

Langdro Konchok Jungne

8th century

Also known as Langdro Lotsawa, he was minister in the court of King Trisong Deutsen.


8th century

A princess, and one of the great women closely associated with Guru Rinpoche

Odren Pelgyi Wangchuk

8th century

Another of Guru Rinpoche's twenty-five disciples.

Lang Pelgyi Senge

8th century

Also known as Lhalung Pelgyi Senge, should not be confused with another Pelgyi Senge who was his contemporary.

Kharchen Pelgyi Wangchuk

8th century

Another important disciple of Guru Rinpoche.

Sokpo Pelgyi Yeshe

8th century

Also known as Sokpo Lhapal, was a direct disciple of both Guru Rinpoche and Nyak Jnanakumara and then later became the teacher of Nupchen Sangye Yeshe.

Denma Tsemang

8th century

Another of Guru Rinpoche's 25 chief disciples, famed for his calligraphy and, later, his translation skills and of course his practice.

Nanam Dorje Dudjom

8th century

A minister to King Trisong Detsen while still a young man, he was part of the party that invited Padmasambhava to Tibet.

Kawa peltsak

Kawa Peltsak

8th century

Another of Guru Rinpoche's 25 chief disciples, famed for his translations , including Shantideva's Bodhicharyavatara.