Langdro Konchok Jungne Reader's Guide

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Image of Kharchen Pelgyi Wangchuk

Langdro Konchok Jungne, from the Shechen Archives

Langdro Konchok Jungne, also known as Langdro Lotsawa, was another of the twenty-five main disciples of Guru Rinpoche and was minister in the court of King Trisong Deutsen.

In Lady of the Lotus-Born, we hear how Guru Rinpoche "gave the Chinlap Lamai Druplung and the sadhanas of Tamdrin Sangwa Kundu and Tanak Trekpa, telling them to practice in the caves of Yeru Shang ". The book also relates how, when it was time for the disciples to show signs of accomplishment, Langdro Konchok Jungne "brought down thirteen thunderbolts and aimed and shot them as if they were arrows ".

In Sky Dancer: The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel, he is discussed in several places including the time where Guru Rinpoche instructs him on several specific practices.

In Naked Awareness, Karma Chagme relates the circumstances of Langdro Konchok Jungne's liberation. "Guru Rinpoche said to him "The mind-itself is substantial and originally pristine. It is empty of inherent nature and is without modification. Rest in the state without an object of meditation or a meditator. From that alone, the result of spiritual awakening is achieved'. Thus he was liberated ".

Langdro Konchok Jungne's subsequent lives echo through the centuries.

In Enthronement , Jamgon Kongtrul identifies Ratna Lingpa as his reincarnation and this is confirmed testified in many other sources as well.

In Sacred Ground, Jamgon Kongtrul relates how his contemporary, Ontrul Rinpoche of Phalpung monastery, was the emanation of Langdro Konchok Jungne.

In The Life of Shabkar, Shabkar identifies one of his teachers, Ngawang Lobsang Tendzin Rinpoche, as an emanation of Langdro Konchok Jungne as well.

In Dudjom Rinpoche's biography, The Light of Fearless and Indestructible Wisdom, the 17th century terton Longsal Nyingpo is also said to be Langro Lotsawa's emanation. And Dudjom Rinpoche's teacher, Dudjom Namkhai Dorje is identified as the reincarnation of Langdro Konchok Jungne.

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