Sit with Me

Meditation for Kids in Seven Easy Steps

By Carolyn Kanjuro
Illustrated by Nan Lawson

- Hardcover
Bala Kids
Pages: 32
Size: 8 x 10
ISBN: 9781611807479

You can squat like a frog or lounge like a catbut if you want to sit like a buddha, there are seven key steps to follow when taking your seat.

Sit with Me invites kids to learn meditation though lyrical verse and playful illustrations. Follow Justa Bug as he breaks down each aspect of the traditional seven-point meditation posture—from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet—in an easy and accessible way. Spine straight like coins stacked on a plate or shoulders back like a vulture in flight, kids will learn the basics of meditation through encouraging verse. With a little practice, Sit with Me will help everyone in the family learn how to sit easy and free like a buddha.

For kids ages 3–8