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Making Friends with Yourself

Imagine having Pema Chödrön sitting in your living room, speaking directly to you. This course, beautifully set in the intimate environment of remote Gampo Abbey, presents Pema teaching how to step outside ourselves to see how our sense of self develops and leads us to negative patterns of thinking.

Taught by: Pema Chödrön


Steven D. Goodman

We learned yesterday, August 3rd, 2020, that our author and friend Steven Goodman passed away after a long illness. I first met Steven in the 1990s when Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche introduced us ...

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Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche Reader’s Guide

The importance of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche on the Karma Kagyu tradition quite simply cannot be overstated.  Since he was recognized as a Tulku of the previous Thrangu Rinpoche in 1938 by the 16th Ka...

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The Heart Sutra: A Reader Guide

    This is part of a series of articles on the arc of Zen thought, practice, and history, as presented in The Circle of the Way: A Concise History of Zen from the Buddha to the Mo...

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Tsongkhapa: A Guide to His Life and Works

See More: Lives of the Masters Series | Atisha | Rangjung Dorje | Aryadeva | Jamgon Kongtrul | Jigme Lingpa | Patrul Rinpoche | Mipham Rinpoche...

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Snow Lion Articles

Asanga on the First Meditative Absorption

Asanga glosses the term “meditative absorption” in the following manner: The term “meditative absorption” refers to [a state in which the mind] meditates correctly on an object and recollection holds fast [to an object] one-pointedly. The sutras describe each of the four meditative absorptions...
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Dharmakirti on Unlimited Spiritual Qualities

A key condition for enlightenment is that it must be possible for spiritual qualities such as compassion and wisdom to be developed until they reach a state of perfection. The latter point centers on the proposition that the improvement of spiritual qualities is not innately subject to any limitation....
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Kalachakra: The Shape of the Universe

The Kalachakra description of the universe is quite different from that presented in the other major Buddhist system of metaphysics: abhidharma, or topics of special knowledge. There are, of course, common elements in both, found in non-Buddhist Indian descriptions as well. These include multiple universes...
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Thrangu Rinpoche on Gentle Threefold Breathing

The following article is from the Autumn, 2011 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here. USUALLY WHEN WE BREATHE, we breathe in and, as soon as we have finished breathing in, we immediately start breathing out....
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