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A New Branch of Gyuto Tantric University




From Introduction to Buddhism to Very Advanced Teachings on Tantric Practice

On April 8, 2001, Gyuto Tantric University opened a branch monastery in San Jose, California. The new center is staffed by five resident monks recently arrived from India, one of whom is a highly qualified senior Lama. The Center will provide a full spectrum of teachings, ranging from an introduction to Buddhism to very advanced teachings on Tantric practice. Also available: meditation retreats, fire piyas and other rituals and practices.

An unbroken tradition for over five hundred years...

Founded in Tibet in 1474, Gyuto Tantric University has continued an unbroken tradition for over five hundred years, providing the highest level of Tantric training in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Jetsun Kunga Dhondup, the main disciple of the great philosopher-saint Lama Tsongkhapa, established Gyuto Tantric University in Tibet, where it flourished until the Communist Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959.

The University was re-established in northeast India and continues the tradition of teaching Buddhist philosophy, Tantric meditations, and the ritual arts. Four hundred Gyuto monks study and practice major Tantras such as: Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara, and Yamantaka Tantra. Despite many challenges and hardships in exile, the Gyuto tradition continues, and many young monks, mostly refugees from Tibet, continue to be educated in the classic tradition.


Top photo: Gyuto monks at their new branch center in San Jose, CA Bottom photo: Assembled monks at Gyuto Tantric University, India

Traditional Tibetan Tantric monks are believed to be healers through their ritual performance activities.

The monks of Gyuto Tantric University are well known in Tibet and India and have always been revered by the Tibetan people for their services to the community. Traditional Tibetan Tantric monks are believed to be healers through their ritual performance activities. The monks of the new Gyuto Vajrayana Center intend to offer traditional ritual activities to the Bay area in California such as: ceremonies and prayers for family members, business, success, long life, relieving sickness, the dying/or deceased, and house blessings. They also consecrate statues and stupas. A wide variety of classes are available on Buddhist philosophy and practice as well as rituals, the sacred arts and Tibetan language.

Gyuto Vajrayana Center is chartered in the State of California as a religious nonprofit organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible. For more information contact: Thupten Donyo, Director, Gyuto Vajrayana Center, 1470 Roberts Ave., San Jose, CA 95122. Tel: 408-279-0615; Fax: 408S85-1366; e-mail: [email protected]; website:

Tsongkhapa (1357–1419), Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, philosopher and a prolific writer, The Great Treatise on the Stages of the PathTsongkhapa (1357–1419), founder of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, was one of Tibet’s greatest philosophers and a prolific writer.