Customer Favorites

This holiday season we care about hearing what you have to say. Below are some thoughtful quotations from readers on their favorite Shambhala books.

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Customer Favorites

“The book can be taken literally as a way to master ancient samurai techniques, or it can be taken metaphorically on how to manage business or political deals.”


“This book has made its way from my bookshelf to my bedside table numerous times over the years.”


“Sharon Salzberg has a true gift for putting into words and examples the teachings of the Buddhist path so that it is clear they truly do apply to everyday life.”


“A brilliant book documenting the social, emotional, physical, psychological, and cultural changes happening to women during the massive transformation that is becoming a new mother.”


“Chödrön speaks to anyone who’s willing to stick with her as she explores what becoming a bodhisattva means. She points out examples of bodhisattvas, including Jesus, Mother Teresa, MLK, and Gandhi, who may be more relatable to her Western readers than Shantideva or various monks in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.”


“I found myself underlining, copying quotes, and going back to ponder ideas and applications, over and over.”


“His genius of integrating our history of religion and their great traditions gives a greater vision for how we, as humans, may better live this vision by deepening connections to our sameness as we move up the developmental ladder of our differences, where we embrace a greater, higher love that clearly drives our entire existence and evolution.”


“Kristin gives clear, excellent directions for a variety of crafts, including sewing, painting, embroidery, and fabric stamping, and helps her readers understand how to combine colors and patterns to achieve glorious results.”


“If you love colorful, healthy food with a unique twist, then this is for you.”


“What I especially enjoy about this book is that it explains, in clear, easy to understand language, what happens to our bodies as we age and how yoga can help us live a life of greater ease.”


“Sculpted with tenderness, beauty, and lyric storytelling, Kate Inglis walks the reader gently and lovingly through the process of grief by bearing her own heart, her own soul, and her own loss.”


“The More With Less cookbook is now my all time favorite/go-to cookbook for both everyday meals and special dinners for friends and family.”


“Natalie fans will be transfixed and unnerved by this honest narrative of the cancer experience.”


“Looking at our natural human fears through the lens of Zen Buddhism, Burkett takes us into the areas of our deepest pains and guides us on how to process and release them by looking inward through meditation.”


Training in Tenderness is an insightful, practical guidebook on how to soften the heart and be more in touch with the world around us.”


“This book is an invitation to investigate your assumptions and explore the interdependence of everything.”


“Every page is a delight to the eye and makes you want to get out those art supplies and start painting!”


“Jacobs takes you to faraway places and makes you want to dust off your suitcase and book a trip immediately.”


“Here's what I love most about this book: even if you have precisely zero experience with any part of printing your own fabric patterns, you'll get everything you need to get started.”


“A very cute book if you are into embroidery and looking for some inspiration, or trying some new stitches.”


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