Kate Inglis

Kate Inglis is an author and photographer living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. She is the author of numerous YA and children’s books, including If I Were a Zombie, Flight of the Griffons, and The Dread Crew, which was nominated for Hackmatack Children’s Choice and Red Cedar Awards. Kate’s writing through the birth of her twins, subsequent loss, and beyond was internationally recognized and widely shared. In 2008, she founded Glow in the Woods, a groundbreaking online community for bereaved parents that attracted over five million readers within its first five years. She served as its editor until 2012, and she still writes as a contributor. For six years she headlined the annual Walk to Remember in Edmonton, Alberta, one of the largest and most preeminent memorial events for bereaved parents in Canada. Each year, she delivered a keynote to more than 1,000 parents and family members who had experienced loss. In 2012, she gave a talk at TEDx Halifax called “Parallelism,” in which she explored the similarities between the often solitary journeys of creative work and healing from grief.

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