The Mindful Way through Pregnancy

The audio download below, taken from the companion CD to the book The Mindful Way through Pregnancy, features a guided medita­tion to help you achieve deep relaxation. This body-awareness meditation can be used during pregnancy and after giving birth. It provides a simple way to relax anytime-some­thing invaluable both during the stresses of pregnancy and afterward.

 Body-awareness meditation*


When we become pregnant, we receive a great deal of medi­cal, dietary, and lifestyle advice. Of course, it is crucial to pay attention to what we eat, the stages of our baby's develop­ment, and how to stay healthy throughout pregnancy. But we can also pay attention to something else: Within the rush of doctor's visits, changes in our bodies, and shopping trips for maternity clothes, a miracle is occurring. Our bodies are giv­ing rise to life. Our hearts are expanding till we fear they may break. Our identities are shifting and changing. Suddenly, perfectly, irrevocably, we are displaced from the center of our own life. With gentleness, we can also explore these aspects of our pregnancy.


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The Mindful Way through Pregnancy invites you to slow down, relax, and cherish this magical and momentous time of life. It features illuminating essays written by experts on mindfulness, spirituality, and parenting. This book and CD also offer step-by-step instruction in yoga, meditation, journaling, and more, to help you make the most out of this expe ­rience and prepare yourself for childbirth and beyond.


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Excerpted from the introduction to The Mindful Way through Pregnancy. The audio file also accompanies the book The Mindful Way through Pregnancy, compiled by Susan Piver, © 2012. Published by Shambhala Publications. Please use this file for your own personal use only.